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Welcome to the Sharing-Community of the FU Berlin!

Wether it is a drilling machine, a SUP-board, camera or trekking-tent - rent or lend them, easy and safe! The FU Berlin is committed to sustainability and supports the initiative of the Start-Up fainin.

Universities have a special responsibility towards a sustainable future. The Freie Universität Berlin is committed to this task. We want to continually strengthen sustainability in teaching and research, on the university campus, in the administration and in cooperation with non-university actors.

We hope you have lots of fun and interesting meetings with fellow students and colleagues!

What is fainin?

fainin is your Sharing-Community to safely rent and lend. In the fainin-family, we enable you to easily lend unused items and earn money with them. 

With our insurance, identity verification and hand-over protocols, we take care that you can lend your item, worry-free.

Special conditions for the FU Berlin-Community:
For rentals between members of the FU Berlin-Community separate commission and service fees apply.
Instead of the usual 15 %, these are lowered to 7 %.

Why should I rent?

Renting is worth it! It gives a number of advantages and has positive effects:

  • Use or try out new things without spending a lot of money
  • Save space, by not having to store everything yourself
  • Save resources and emissions by renting already produced items, instead of buying new things

Join the FU Berlin-Community:

Bernd Wannenmacher

Easy and safe

Rent and lend in 5 steps

Rent, whatever you need

1. Search offers

Choose what you need, from a variety of offers.

2. Send a request

Select the period and send your request.

3. Pick-up your item

Pick-up your item
from the owner,
directly in your vicinity.

4. Have fun

Enjoy your rental and be happy about your saved money.

5. Meet-up for the return

Return the item and leave a review.

and lend, without worries

1. Upload items

Upload unused items, quick and easy.

2. Receive requests

Receive requests and discuss the hand-over.

3. Meet-up and hand-over

Meet with the renter and hand-over the item.

4. Earn money

Sit back and earn money while lending.

5. Meet-up for the return

Get your item back and leave a review.

If you encounter any issues, here are some of our FAQs

Our FAQs should answer your first questions about what fainin is, how to register and how a rental works. If you have specific questions, you can get in touch with us directly.

How does the registration work?

To register, go to and click "join". 
Next, complete the registration using your FU-email address and then you are part of the Community!

Can I join with a private email address?

If you are already registered in fainin with your private email address, send us a request to join the community via the following link:

Join the Community with a private email address

Using the form, send us the email address you´re registerd to fainin with, the community you wish to join and upload a proof of your affiliation to the community (e.g. certificate of enrollment).

As soon as your request has been successfully verified, we will add you to the community and notify you by email.

Why is there a verification?

Each Person who wants to rent something on fainin, has to verify their identity once. We do this to guarantee safety and trust on fainin.
When you have sent your first request for a product and it has been accepted, you will be asked to complete your verification.
This should only take 1-2 minutes. 
If you have any problems, make sure to reach out to us.

Are my items insured, when I lend on fainin?

Safety and trust, are the most important to us. Therefore, every rental with fainin is insured up to 15.000€, by our partner, the insurance group, ERGO.

How does a rental work?

To start a rental, you have to first choose a product that you want to use and send a request to the owner.
Pick the rental period in the calendar and select whether you want to pick-up the item in person or receive it via shipping.

After the owner has accepted your request, you will need to verify your identity once. For this purpose, an identity card, a driver's license or a passport is required. After the successful verification, you can pay by card or Paypal (Important: The owner only receives the payment, once the rental has started and if there are no problems with the item).

What does it cost to rent an item?

The cost of a rental can be broken down into two parts: the rental fee, chosen by the owner and a service fee of 15%. 

Important: For members of the FU Berlin-Community, the service fee is reduced to 7%. 

What does it cost to lend items?

It is important to us, that no one has to pay for a service that they don't use. Therefore we only apply the commission fee, when actually renting and lending.

Important: For members of the FU Berlin-Community, the commission fee is reduced to 7%.

Can you share items for free?

Currently, products can only be made available for free in groups and on request.

In order to offer a product for free, upload it to the FU Berlin-Community with a price and send a link of the product to We will update the product it for you, so that it is available.

Why is there a Sharing-Community for the FU Berlin?

Communities have been created for universities, institutions and companies to get in touch with colleagues and fellow students, to support each other and do so in a sustainable way. As students, we know how many items you need to purchase for your studies, but rarely use afterwards:

For Max, it was business books and his camera. Johann bought an iPad, including an Apple Pen and Kevin rarely has to use his soldering iron nowadays. Still, we don't want to sell these items, as we have many memories attached to them. 

Do you have any other questions?

Should you have any further questions or issues, take a look at our extended FAQs on or reach out to us directly.

You can find more information in our blog

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